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GCSE Student Stories: Darren McCue | International GCSE Science Review

Darren decided to improve his qualifications and help his daughter study at the same time by studying an International GCSE Science.

I currently work as a health advisor, working within my local council. My role is to help and encourage people to make healthy lifestyle changes.

I recently decided to improve my qualifications by studying Science. I chose to enrol on the International GCSE Science Double Award which covers Chemistry, Biology and Physics.

As well as wanting to improve my qualifications, another reason for wanting to study the International GCSE Science was due to wanting to help my daughter with her GCSE Science qualification.

By studying this as well as her, I felt as though she could benefit from the knowledge I gained and possibly excel in her studies. Due to working full time and having a family, the best option for me to improve my qualifications was to learn online.

ICS Learn was recommended to me by a colleague, and after doing some research, I found that ICS Learn was great value for money and seemed best suited to my personal needs.

Learning online meant that I was able to study at any time of the day and I found that ICS Learn had a clear and easy process to get through each topic.

I furthermore found that the content was easy to follow and was well structured, enabling me to learn at a comfortable pace.

During any challenging points, my tutor was always available to seek clarification and give guidance through the different topics. I also received encouragement and advice around particular areas which needed more focus which then helped me improve. I am very pleased to say that not only did I pass my International GCSE Double award, but my daughter also passed her GCSE Science exam.

In terms of the future, I am now continuing my studies and the knowledge I have gained has helped me improve my work and I am now considering further education. I would recommend using ICS Learn as it is an easy and accessible way to learn with guidance and support throughout.

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