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CIPD Student Stories: Anika Parmar | CIPD Level 3 Review

ICS Real Stories: Vicky | Online GCSE English Review

Vicky Harding passed her GCSE English last summer after studying online with us and she's now one step closer to her dream career of being a paramedic.

ICS Real Stories: Joshua | Online CIPD Level 3 & 5 Review

Within 6 weeks of completing our online CIPD Level 3 course Joshua had landed himself his first ever HR job! He's since come back to study Level 5 with us too.

ICS Real Stories: Angela | Online IGCSE Biology Review

Angela Ford passed her IGCSE Biology last summer after studying online with us and she's now one step closer to being qualified to teach in the UK.

ICS Real Stories: Chantelle | Online AAT Level 2 Review

Studying our AAT Foundation Certificate course online allowed Chantelle Stamp to get AAT-qualified whilst working full-time and still having time for hobbies.

ICS Real Stories: Kay | Online CIPD Level 5 Review

Studying CIPD Level 5 in Learning and Development has helped Kay Robbie transition her career from retail into HR and L&D.

ICS Real Stories: Brogan | Online GCSE Maths Review

Brogan Derry needed GCSE Maths to advance at university and after studying online with us she can now move on to her second year of Midwifery.

ICS Real Stories: Asher | Online IGCSE English Review

Asher Robinson really enjoyed studying his IGCSE English Language online with us and all his hard work paid off as he received a very impressive grade 7!

ICS Real Stories: Awele | Online CIPD Level 7 Certificate Review

Awele Elueze found studying online from Nigeria really flexible. He reviews his journey of studying our CIPD Level 7 Certificate online.

ICS Real Stories: Cindy | Online AAT Level 2 Review

Cindy Roos decided to study Accountancy online to develop her career, here she gives a glowing review of our AAT Foundation Certificate online course.

ICS Real Stories: Alex | Online IGCSE Biology Review

Alex Jones reviews his journey of studying IGCSE Biology online to follow his teaching dreams.