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BCS Student Stories: Mark McGeary | BCS Agile

Mark wanted to expand his professional IT skills, so he decided to study a BCS Agile qualification to enhance his career development.

I currently work as the Head of Commercial for one of the UK’s big six energy companies. In response to increasing changes in the utility marketplace and an ongoing demand for collaborative, innovative approaches to respond to those changes, I recently decided to invest in an online training course to increase my knowledge of Agile & Agile methodologies by undertaking a plan of study for a formal qualification.

After reviewing the many service providers available to me, I elected to carry out my program of study with ICS learn. I chose ICS learn as there were several factors that really resonated with me.

Firstly, they are an established a well-known online learning provider, if I’m going to carry out a course of further education, it was important to me to do it with a reputable company.

Secondly, they come highly recommended on trip advisor. I took the time to read a number of the reviews, which I found to be overwhelmingly positive.

The big take home message for me was that they are engaged & invested in their students- they really want you to succeed.

I’m pleased to say that my own experience with ICS learn mirrored what I read in reviews. I found the course material to be both clear, concise and easy to understand- whenever I did have queries or questions, my tutor was always available for additional support. I was particularly impressed with the support provided by their Student Services around examination time.

Having them ensuring I was well prepared and comfortable in the exam format was instrumental in me passing the final exam itself.

As a relative newcomer to Agile practices, my current aim is to put into practice the learnings I have gained from my ICS course. My future plans to develop my understanding of agile further will absolutely involve ICS Learn- my experience with them has been extremely rewarding and I expect my future deployment to include additional study from ICS Learn.

I’d happily recommend them to anyone considering engaging in an online learning course.

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